San Antonio police have arrested two Houston college students who they say broke into SeaWorld. One of the students goes to the University of Houston.

According to police, the men claim it was a college prank.

A security guard spotted the group of men early Wednesday morning. The guard caught one of them, while police managed to catch up to the second man and arrest him.

Officers said they found the men eating ice cream, outside a storage area that had been broken into. The security guard also told police the men were trying to play with animals or take pictures with them.

The two suspects arrested at the theme park have been identified as University of Houston student Duc Nguyen and Huy Quang Mai.

Police said the men claim to go to college in Houston and are all in the same fraternity. They will be charged with theft, for the stolen ice cream, as well as criminal trespassing.

Three others who were with the two arrested managed to get away.

SeaWorld said it "has not found any animals harmed as a result of this morning's event."