Houston police arrested a pair of thieves who may have been posing as movers.

Brian Murphy Jr., 22, and Jesse Walker, 20, have been charged with burglary of a habitation.

Police said they arrested the pair after they broke into a home near the 7400 block of Bintliff in the Sharpstown area of southwest Houston.

"We have never been broken into," said Maria Rios, who's lived in the neighborhood since 1986.

On Tuesday afternoon, Rios and her mother arrived home from a doctor's appointment and found the back door window shattered into tiny pieces, her mom's jewelry missing and the family's brand new flatscreen TV on the floor.

"They were getting ready to take out the stereo system," Rios said.

The accused thieves didn't get very far thanks to a witness who saw one of the men climbing over her fence.

"He got stuck here and got that broken off," said Rios.

The witness called police. Officers spotted the pair a few blocks away walking between some houses. They were said to be dressed alike in white T-shirts and light pants.

Sources told Local 2 it appeared the suspects were posing as movers so they wouldn't look suspicious.

In fact, after taking the pair into custody, police pulled over a truck that had been driving through the neighborhood.

Rios said she saw the truck parked on the side of her house and police were talking to the driver.

"It said something about community, helping. It wasn't a Goodwill truck but it was a truck that collects for community donations," Rios said.

Rios was able to get her mother's jewelry back and had the damage to her home repaired, but with her sense of security shattered, she's having a state of the art surveillance system installed in her home.

Rios said she realizes the bad guys mean business and wants them to know so does she.

"If you ever come back to this area, you will be met with surveillance cameras and you will be met with a 12 gauge and a 9 millimeter. I'm sick and tired of all the crime going on this area," Rios told us.