A 22-year-old Houston man is accused of trafficking children under 18 for commercial sex, said a U.S. attorney.

According to the plea agreement, Tevon Harris aka "Da Kidd" and "King Kidd" forced young girls, by intimation, into prostitution.

Harris said that he gained trust from his victims, whom he met via social media, by telling them he would help them become models.

Officials said Harris would pick the girls up, take them to motels and force them to have sex with him. He also took their phones.

According to officials, Harris deprived one victim of food for four days to punish her, for not servicing a client well enough. He also supplied the same victim with alcohol and marijuana.

Harris posted photographs of all of the victims in online ads for prostitution. Harris kept the money the girls earned.

Harris will be sentenced July 7, 2014 and faces up to a minimum of 10 years and up to life in prison.