Houston voters are showing up to the polls in record-breaking numbers, responding to everything from the proposal to save the Astrodome to a bitter race for mayor.

Voters are responding by casting their ballots to make sure their voices are heard.

"I think it's been an election where a lot of money has been spent. What you see a result of is those dollars, TV ads, mail pieces that have gone into homes," said Dallas Jones, political campaign consultant.

Turnout during early voting in Houston and Harris County set a new record with more than 109,000 ballots cast.

Jones also credits the state's new voter ID law for increasing interest in the election. Turnout on Election Day could be just as busy.

"What you've seen in an uptick in people voting by mail. People want to get to the polls early since this is our first election cycle with this new law," said Jones.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia and the Ministers Against Crime are asking voters to approve Proposition 1.

If approved, $70 million in bonds would help pay for the construction of a new processing center downtown, and consolidate the city and county jail operations.

"It's a proposition I believe supports the public safety and is fiscal responsible to support Houston Harris County as well," said Sheriff Garcia.