Eleven Houston families in Fifth Ward received keys for brand new homes from Habitat for Humanity.

Thursday was an exciting day for Habitat for Humanity and for the parents and children that will get to play on their own front lawn after they received keys to their new home.

"I grew up in Fifth Ward so this is close to my heart, so I'm always excited to do a dedication in this neighborhood," said Sheila Fry, from Houston's Habitat for Humanity.

Fry said their mission is simple; build homes for families in need, and give them a fresh start.

"The city of Houston has contributed $1 million to the development of these homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity," Fry said.

Fifth Ward is one of Houston's oldest communities, that's why restoring the neighborhood while maintaining its history is of high importance.

"We want to revitalize those neighborhoods, and the way to do that is to bring something new into the community that's home ownership, or economic development," said Fry.

The dedication was for 11 homes, but there have been 28 homes all together in Fifth Ward in the last two years.