It's easy to see the injuries Tim Collins, of Houston, is trying to recover from -- the broken foot, the deep bruises and cuts, and the broken nose.

But it was a lot worse when a driver struck him on his bicycle and fled without trying to help.

"My chin was split open almost to the bone and I've got 14 stitches right here," said Collins, pointing to his chin.

Houston police said Collins was riding south on his bike on the feeder road of the Northwest Freeway near Flintlock Road the night of Sunday, March 16. It was around 9:45 p.m. and he had just picked up his paycheck.

Investigators believe a burgundy pickup truck struck Collins from behind and drove away. Passersby were the ones who called 911.

Collins, who may be unable to work for the next three months, just wants the driver to come forward and help him fully heal.

"If they were to step forward and admit to what they did, I would have more compassion for them," said Collins. "But if they try and hide and they're found, throw the book at them."

Crime Stoppers and the Houston Police Department are asking anyone who may have some information about this case to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.