About two dozen Houston area postal workers had a lesson in bite prevention Tuesday after the city once again ranked in the top five cities for the number of dog bites.

A couple of the postal workers even volunteered to let a dog bite their arms.

Despite wearing a protective sleeve, carrier Rodney Stubblefield could feel the dog's strength. “You still feel the pressure through the sleeve. It's amazing how strong they are,” said Stubblefield.

Though Stubblefield said he had never had to endure a real bite, he and nearly all of his coworkers said they've had encounters. “The dog was on the porch - but he was on a chain. So I was like, 'he's on a chain' but then he took off running and the chain broke,” said postal worker, Jason Leonard.

Once again, Houston has been ranked as having among the most postal workers attacked by dogs in the country. So far this fiscal year, there have been 51 incidents.

Wess Wirick, the owner and head trainer at Corpus Christi based Sit Means Sit told postal workers they should use their satchels as a barrier in the event of an attack. But first and foremost, stay still. “The faster you go the faster the dog wants to come after you. I teach people not to yell because it can amplify the dog. It can make things worse,” said Wirick.

Leonard said he'll keep that in mind. He's already been bit once. “I learned not to yell. I didn't know that really ticks them off. So I'm just going to not yell and sit still,” said Leonard.

The postal service said it's also trying to teach the public about responsible pet ownership. In the event of a bite, there could be consequences for all involved.