It's the time of year to resolve to get back in shape. Before you head to the gym or go buy new exercise equipment, here are the fitness trends we'll be seeing in 2014.

Everyone is going back to the basics.

David James is a trainer at the Houstonian. He says 2014 will be full of workouts you can do anywhere, like body weight training.

"It's so convenient. You don't really need a gym or any weights. You can do it anywhere," said James. "Lunges, squats, pushups -- it's a good workout."

Crosstraining is hot this year, too. Really all it is breaking up your ordinary routine.

"If you're a runner it's adding a different modality," said James. "Whether that's swimming or cycling or weight training, that way you prevent some over repetitive overuse injuries."

Another way to prevent injuries and speed up recovery is using a foam roller. What the foam roller helps to do is bring more blood back into the muscles so your body can recover quicker.

A lot of it is just finding the areas that are tender and working on them.

If you enjoy spinning, cycling with a twist is also popular right now at Revolution Studio in Sugar Land.

"We do arms, we do moves on the bike that strengthen the core," said Kim Syma with Revolution Studio. "The lower back, the abs, we do everything in 50 minutes and the classes are without lights and with music."

"We ride in the dark because we're trying to create a place where people can just let go," said Syma. "They can have an escape from the day where people are not watching them and they can really just release."

OrangeTheory Fitness uses orange lights while you do interval training combining cardio and strength training, using equipment and free weights. They say the result is what they call the Orange Effect -- more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours after your workout. You can also track how hard you're training on the big screen.

Whichever workout you choose, here's to a happy and healthy 2014.