A woman managed to walk away unscathed after a car landed on top of her vehicle while she was sitting at a red light, police said.

Bianca Thomas said she still doesn't know how she is standing after the accident.

"I'm just blessed to be alive right now," said Thomas. "I was stopped at the red light and a car just came out of nowhere and trampled over my car."

According to police, the driver of the Nissan Altima who hit her was speeding on the North Freeway road approaching the W. Mount Houston intersection around midnight Wednesday when he lost control.

"He [hit] the curb, and one of the wheels actually did come off," said Sergeant Ignacio Izaguirre with the Houston Police Department.

But before the 66-year-old man came to a complete stop, investigators told Local 2 he plowed through two traffic signs. Police said he was in the U-turn lane, but instead of turning, he slammed into a light pole, and his car whipped around.

"I just heard something, and I heard the car just trample all over my car," Thomas said.

A man who was on the corner washing windows saw the crash and rushed over to help, officers said.

"The homeless guy on the corner got me out on the passenger side, and I jumped out of the car," Thomas said.  "I think the [other driver] didn't make it."

The driver of the Nissan died at the scene. Officers are awaiting autopsy results to determine whether he was impaired in any way.

His name was not immediately released.

Thomas walked away from the crash uninjured. She said she was wearing her seat belt.