The Houston Independent School District is turning back the pages of time.

Beginning on Monday, May 12, the district will be auctioning off memorabilia from North Forest ISD, which was shut down by the state last summer.

"When the district combined the schools and looked at what schools we want to keep, what schools will no longer be in existence, you have memorabilia that do not have places to go," said Sheleah Reed, a spokesperson for HISD.

Right now all the items are sitting in the HISD warehouse.

Up for auction, you'll find everything from trophies, old jerseys, a basketball hoop from Lakewood Elementary and even statues of school mascots. 

"The oldest thing probably dates back to the 80s," Reed said.

Items will start at $1, $5, or $10. 

"There is some great old memorabilia, some pieces of history that would look great in a frame, or on a wall, to keep you connected to the school district that's no longer here," Reed said.

You can view the items up for auction online from May 12 through May 25.

For more information, contact Nicole Ware-Smith at 713-676-9410.