Houston ISD met Thursday morning to revise plans for magnet and vanguard program funding. Some parents fear the current plan would cut programs.

According to a district spokesperson in the new plan, money will be redistributed equally for these specific programs throughout the district. So some schools will lose money, but in turn others will see an increase in their budget.

Parents stressed concerns over a recent budget proposal for specialized programs inside Houston ISD schools. Last week, funding for vanguard, fine arts, languages, and STEM programs were all on the chopping block. Cuts to magnet and vanguard programs would save HISD $3 million, but parents and students argued with those cuts jobs and a quality education would be lost.

On Thursday, another plan was put on the table -- instead of cutting funding completely to schools like Kolter Elementary, which has an extensive language program for students, according to the district's spokesperson money was taken out and then redistributed equally among all HISD schools with those specific programs.

The proposal reallocates the funding per student within each specialized area. Some parents were relived, others were still a bit frustrated.

"Well they 're annoyed with it. But they seem to be restoring a good bit of it. So I don't think that will be a problem," said Gayle Fallon, president of the teachers federation.

She believes the new proposal still doesn't address salary issues for teachers. There is a proposed increase, but she believes its still not competitive with other districts.

"They seem to be passing a budget that doesn't recruit teachers," said Fallon.

Aldine, Alief, Cy-Fair, and Fort Bend are all $50,000 or higher. HISD currently sits at $46,800 for new teachers. The proposal could increase the salary close to $2,500 but it still does not meet that $50,000 mark.

Nothing is set in stone. The Board of Education will continue to discuss the proposed budget in several upcoming public meetings before adopting a budget on June 19.

If the budget proposal is approved, the changes would be phased into the school's budget over the next two years.