School was cancelled twice due to Houston's winter weather earlier this year, and Houston ISD scheduled one of those makeup days for Good Friday. That's not sitting well with some.

When the school bell rings on Good Friday, community activists want parents to keep their kids at home.

"They're going to have to shut it down," said president of the HESP Union, Wretha Thomas.

The HESP Union represents more than 1,000 support staff, including bus drivers.

"I can't tell my employees not to come to work. But as a community activist and a Christian, I think it's a slap in the face to make over 60 percent of their employees that are Christians to work on that day," said Thomas.

Instead she said she plans to go to MacGregor Park in southeast Houston for a rally and protest. HISD's board agreed to use Good Friday as a makeup day for a day missed during the ice storms.

The district said even with some bus drivers possibly absent, it plans to run its buses.

The district said, "We understand and some HISD employees have objections to working in Good Friday and we will follow all district guidelines that pertain to religious holidays to ensure workers who are observing the holiday are not penalized."

"We're celebrating the resurrection of Christ. So, I don't think that should happen," said uncle Derek English.

Some say no, other parents say go.

"To me, it's fine, because at the same time, they still get good learning. Like the days they did miss, it was for a good cause. So if they make up for a day, that's fine," said parent Clinton Jones.