Houston ISD is investigating after the district's name was inappropriately used on a social media site in which nude photos of students were posted. The mother of one victim with whom we spoke said her daughter tried to commit suicide over the incident.

The teenage victim of the most recent cyber attack goes to Chavez High School. She is still hospitalized and there is no word on when she will be released.

The victim's mother, who we are not identifying, says her daughter sent a nude picture to a boyfriend, who had begged for it. But it turns out, according to the victim, that boyfriend sent the photo to social media sites. And she says it's happening to many other young girls in the area.

"That boy swore up and down that he deleted, but maybe a month or so later, she saw that it was on Twitter on somebody's page," said the victim's mother.

The 15-year-old had no idea her photo was going to be seen by thousands and to make matters worse, the Twitter profile being used to send some nude pictures has a logo that looks very similar to HISD's logo. The 10th grader was so upset, her mom said she tried to end her own life early this week.

"When she came home she just decided she didn't want to handle it anymore and she took some pills and she wanted to go to sleep and not come back," her mom said.

Fortunately, her mom found her and rushed her to the hospital. But when word about this story spread, some parents called the Roula and Ryan Show Friday morning to talk about what they can do to prevent it.

"I think for any parent who hears it or heard it, that has a kid who has maybe not talked about it but also knows about, it will open their eyes and the antennas will go up. Maybe this will help a child tell her or his parent, 'I am sorry I did this too and this is what's happening to me,'" said Roula Christie, host of The Roula and Ryan Show on 104.1 KRBE.

A large-scale investigation is now underway to find out who's responsible. HISD released a statement which read in part, "Houston Independent School District officials were notified the first week of February about social media activity that involved the HISD name. We take incidents of this nature very seriously. The HISD police department is working with several agencies, including the Houston Police Department and Internet Crimes Against Children, to investigate this issue."

So far, there have been no arrests.

The mother with whom we spoke said she has not filed a police report because officers told her if she did, her daughter may face charges for distribution of child pornography.

If you have any information about this inappropriate activity, please call the HISD Tip Line at 713-641-7446 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.