Fire crews battled flames and smoke at a house fire in southwest Houston.

Officials say the fire broke out around 1:30pm Monday at a house on Cheena Drive at Cliffwood Drive. From Sky 2, you could see flames and smoke pouring through the roof as firefighters worked frantically to get the upper hand.  The smoke was so thick it blanketed much of the block, so police kept neighbors at bay.

The heat from the blaze was so intense, the siding on the home next door started to melt. Elliot Greenspan lives there and is taking it all in stride.

"I don't think it's truly life-changing if you only think of possessions as things. I don't live by them. No one was hurt so it's OK," Greenspan said.

It's unclear what ignitied the fire or where it started or what caused it to spread so fast. Neighbors say they initially saw fire towards the back of the home and within in a matter of minutes the situation had gone from bad to worse with flames consuming almost the entire home.

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