Some residents who live at a Houston Heights-area apartment complex say the car break-ins are getting to be too much.

Michelle Meisenhalder lives the Sawyer Heights Lofts located off of Sawyer Heights Street near the Katy Freeway and Taylor Street and recently had her window smashed in.

"I hadn't even noticed until a woman told me, I'm sorry about your car," Meisenhalder said.

She says at least 10 people have been victimized over the past few days.

Houston police would not confirm an exact number, but did say they have had "multiple calls for service."

A statement from the property manager read, "We are cooperating with the local police department in their investigation. In the meantime, we have requested the police to increase their patrol efforts and will take additional measures on-site as appropriate."

For now, residents are told to be alert and make sure any valuables are not left out plain sight in the car.