There are new details surrounding a 5-year-old boy who police say was locked and starved in a closet under the stairs of his father and stepmother's home.

Little Jordan's Bleimeyer's stepmother was in court fighting to gain back custody of her other children. Tammy Bleimeyer's children were not in court, but we heard during the hearing that her oldest child, 16-year-old Cody, has been emotionally traumatized because of things said about him during the Dr. Phil show dealing with this issue. They say he's been so traumatized that he may have to go through counseling and because some of the other children at his school have been teasing him, making fun of him.

Tammy appeared in court Tuesday with her attorneys. She has six children and has not seen them since April. That's when she and her husband, Bradley Bleimeyer, were accused of abusing his son, Jordan, by locking him under the stairs and denying him food and medical treatment. Both are charged with endangering a child.

Jordan is now doing well, recovering with relatives who love him and who are caring for him. It will be a while before Tammy gets to see her own children because of court-ordered counseling.

"She's very sad. She's very sad. She wants to see her kids. She's anxious to get started on the service plan and do what she needs to get her kids back. Parents class, domestic violence class, various evaluations, that sort of thing," said Julie Ketterman, Tammie Bleimeyer's attorney.

Tammy's six children are currently staying with relatives. Right now the judge said it is going to be a while before she gets to see them.

The hearing mostly dealt with her children. It did not get much into the fate of Jordan, how he's doing. In the past, we've heard he's doing extremely well recovering with those who love him. Jordan is still in the custody of CPS, but his biological mother, Windy Hall, will continue to have unlimited access to the boy.

The next hearing regarding this case has been scheduled for Sept. 9.