A security guard is being questioned by the Harris County Sheriff's Office after he shot and killed a suspected burglar.

Detectives said the security guard, who lives on the property of an insurance company on Aldine Bender near the Hardy Toll road, heard what sounded like glass breaking around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Deputies said he got up and went to see what caused the noise.

"And when he went to investigate, he discovered three men on the property and heard the sound of metal hitting the driveway," said Detective Ben Beall of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

That noise turned out to be a pistol belonging to one of the break-in suspects.

After the guard picked up the gun, the suspects pulled their own guns.

That's when deputies said the guard fired at the burglars, hitting one of the men in the head. 

Officials said that burglar died. The two others got away.

Deputies said the case is going to be referred to a grand jury for review.

It is unclear what the suspects may have been after at the business.

There are several security cameras around the property, but deputies said the property was raided last week by police and detectives took the recording devices away, so the shooting was not recorded.