Constables say intoxicated drivers are a problem all year for families across the county, but recently Precinct 4 and their deputies have been hit especially hard.

"We had two patrol cars an one deputy injured within minutes by drunk drivers," said Chief Mark Herman.

Investigators say last month, an intoxicated driver crashed into a deputy constable car as she was stopped at a light on 1960 at Rayford Road. The driver took off and officers had to chase him down, while the constable was rushed to the hospital. As deputies investigated the original crash site, they say a second suspected driver slammed into another patrol car. It was caught on Dash Cam video.

Precinct 4 constables are ramping up patrols, Dec. 28 through New Year's Day, targeting anyone driving while impaired. The district attorney's office is also involved.

"By having a prosecutor and a nurse and judges on call to sign blood warrants if someone chooses to refuse to provide that sample," said Alison Brainbridge, chief prosecutor for vehicular crimes.

If you're intoxicated, make the right decision, and don't get behind the wheel.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is also working with precinct 4 on this crackdown. They say Harris County has one of the highest drunk driving death rates in the nation.