Police are searching for a group of men who targeted a high-end eyewear shop on Washington Avenue.

Gary Nguyen was asleep upstairs when a group of thieves broke into his business and stole tens of thousands of dollars' worth of eyewear. Surveillance video shows the crooks, almost completely disguised, smashing glass cases to get the goods at Eye Impact.

"Once I got dressed, I called 911 and as I was called 911 I actually went downstairs and that's when I came in the back entrance to the office and I realized they were still here," said Nguyen.

The store is right off Washington Avenue near TC Jester. The men were in and out in a matter of minutes but managed to steal more than 400 frames, with a total loss of well over $50,000. They used a giant duffel bag to collect everything.

Some of the high-end brands sold here include Tom Ford, Kate Spade and Gold and Wood.

"They were able to grab most of the frames, probably 70 or 85 percent of the frames they took. So it's  a pretty big blow as that's the what our capital goes into the frames," Nguyen said.

There were a total of five suspects in the store and a getaway driver on the outside.

Nguyen says he thinks these guys are professional and will turn around and sell the frames online.