In Kingwood of Feb 2011, 4-year-old Rebecca Woodruff died when her mom accidentally backed over her in the family's driveway. In 2009 a 3-year-old boy died in south Houston the same way.

Across the country, more than 200 children die each year, hidden from view behind big SUVs.

Six years ago, congress passed a law, forcing the Department of Transportation to set Federal standards for rear visibility, like requiring back-up cameras. The 2011 deadline came and went.

The safety group Kids and Cars says that Delay has allowed between 237 and 280 preventable deaths already. Now the group is suing the Department of Transportation, asking a court to order the agency to issue safety rules for all car manufacturers.

The Department of Transportation wanted to wait until 2015 to issue the rules, claiming it needed more time for research. Auto makers claim back up and cameras are already offered on most vehicles, but critics say they're usually bundled in expensive packages.