Five days a week, several hours each time -- 7-year-old Mia Spargo of Lake Jackson comes to get specialized treatment at the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center in the Texas Medical Center.

With her mother by her side she's battling a rare form of brain cancer.

She's the sweetest girl, with a laugh and smile that will warm your heart, but she's more than a charmer. With all she's dealing with -- including chemotherapy treatments -- Mia tries to brighten the days of other young cancer patients.

She uses her own birthday and gift money to buy presents and give to kids here and inside Texas Children's Hospital -- where she also receives treatment. Her gifts include stuffed animals, pens, writing pads, candy and even handmade scarves to cover their heads after chemotherapy treatment.

"It's very hard and kids stay a long time, and I understand how hard it is," said Mia. "So I choose to use my birthday money to buy toys."

Mia's efforts were recognized by a foundation formed in honor of one of the young Sandy Hook shooting victims. She's now the proud recipient of the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award.

"I'm really glad to have it," said Mia. "It means to me a lot and I will always have it."

Mia's mother, Marina, said her daughter's battle with cancer has made her a different girl. She said she's always been sweet, but her fight has made her more mature and thoughtful.

"Before the cancer and now, she always thinks about someone else," said Marina. "She's had a really tough time in her life and she's going through this with a smile. Always. I don't remember when she don't smile," she added, with Mia chuckling in stereo.

It's been a tough fight since Mia was diagnosed with cancer in September, but she is scheduled for her last round of chemotherapy next week.