Ayah Aqra, 15, was born with a rare birth defect in her right leg and on Friday she was fitted for a prosthetic and she walked for the very first time.

"She is very happy, she told me she dreams about it all the time, and now her dream comes true," said Ayah Aqra, translated by Insherah Ashour.

In her 15 years, Ayah Aqra has endured 13 difficult leg-lengthening operations in West Bank, which ultimately failed and resulted in a complete amputation last year.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund helped Ayah travel from The West Bank to the United States to receive a custom prosthetic leg.

She arrived in Houston a few weeks ago and is being treated for free by Houston Shriners Hospital. On Friday she took her first steps with her prosthetic leg at Dynamic Orthotics and Prosthetics.

"She has been great to work with, she is very enthusiastic, she is very bright, she is probably one of the best walkers I have seen just the very first time we put the prosthesis on, she was ready to walk," said Erin O'Brien, certified prosthetist and orthotist.

After physical therapy, she will return to West Bank and says she is looking forward to showing her friends her new leg.

"She will be happy to walk to school with her cousins and friends, so they go and she stays, she will be happy to have the leg and walk with them," said Ayah Aqra, translated by Insherah Ashour.

She will start physical therapy in the next few weeks.