A 10-year-old girl accused of sexually assaulting a younger child appeared in court Wednesday morning.

Her case has been reset until October.

Community activist Quanell X is helping the family. He says this was blown out of proportion.

"The statement was some will play doctor, some will play nurse, some will play patient. When you play doctor, nurse, patient, how does that come to aggravated rape charge?" said Quanell X.

The incident allegedly happened in April in front of other children at the apartment complex where the girl lives with her mom. She wasn't arrested until August.

"It was not so egregious that a 10-year-old arrested in the night put in jail for four days kept from her family and now making appearances in court house," Quanell X said.

While the court proceeding has been reset until October many involved in the case hope it gets dismissed.

"If all goes as we are hoping and praying that it goes this case will be taken out of courtroom and placed in the appropriate form for 10-year-old to get help she needs and all children involved," said Quanell X.

We're told the girl will undergo counseling in the meantime.