A Galveston County judge charged with eight criminal counts was in court Thursday on another matter: whether he should remain on the bench.

The hearing, which was reset for next week, is largely academic because weeks ago, the judge was barred from taking the bench by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Christopher Dupuy, 41, faces legal trouble in family, criminal and civil court. He was arrested most recently Wednesday for a misdemeanor charge of abuse of official capacity.

The Galveston Co. District Attorney alleges Dupuy used his position to help his ex-fiancee. More specific information about the charge has not yet been made public.

Dupuy faces a series of criminal charges related to misconduct and general incompetence.

Dupuy is scheduled to appear Friday before the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in Austin to argue why he should be reinstated.

Local 2 confirmed that Dupuy is not being paid while he is suspended.