Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees and Texas A & M have come up with an interesting and resourceful way to use the seaweed washed up along the island's beaches, that could even help prevent against damaging storm surge.

It's a pilot program to make Galveston's beaches greener and more eco-friendly.

The $140,000 project will be funded through a state grant and through beach user fees.

The money will go to buying a hay baler to rake in the seaweed and then compact it into dunes at the back of the beach.

These seaweed dense dunes will protect us from hurricanes and storm surge as well as protect against beach erosion.

Jesse Ojeda, Galveston Park Operations Manager, said, "It's finding a fine balance, making the beaches more appealing for our visitors and doing what's best for our beaches as well to make sure they're there for many years hopefully."