Memorial Day Weekend means it's time for sand between your toes, games on the beach and for the next few days in Galveston, giant mounds of seaweed.

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"It takes up most of the beach and it smells," said beachgoer Alex Robertson.

"It doesn't smell good at all, actually," said Alex's friend Andu Marginean. "It kind of smells like sulfur I think. Like a fishy, sulfury smell."

The city is dealing with another major seaweed dump as it heads into the unofficial start of summer, just three weeks after one of its worst dumps in years.

Like then, crews have been working feverishly to push the seaweed against the seawall so beachgoers have a clear path down the beach. Some folks said it's natural and they've learned to deal with it.

"It's not going to impact our weekend at all," said Kathleen Denooyer, who's visiting with her two kids from Dallas. "We'll still have a good time. There's still a place to put your tent up, your umbrella up and have a good time. The kids don't mind it at all."

But others are bracing for a different kind of impact. Some businesses along Seawall Boulevard say when the the green seaweed increases this much on the beach -- they see a reduction in the green flowing into their cash registers.

"People don't want to come to a place that smells bad and that is just infested with seaweed," said Joseph Russell, the night manager of Rita's Italian Ice Shop. "So they're not going to want to come here either."

The city of Galveston will have crews out at midnight Saturday clearing seaweed that came in Friday. They're expecting 250,000-500,000 visitors this weekend, depending on the weather.