The city of Galveston is bracing for what appears to be a possible return of the island's epic '90s beach party.

For the past 30 days, city leaders have been paying close attention to recent social media posts which indicate the big bash is this weekend.

"It seems like every year we respond to rumors that there is going to be a revival of the beach party weekend," said Elizabeth Rogers of the city of Galveston.

This year, Houston-based Circle Promotions is tweeting about a beach party in Galveston over the holiday weekend, using the hash tag #TexasBeachParty2k14.

But Dequalon Woods of Circle Promotions claims it's not the beach party many Galveston residents remember.

"There were instances where things were a little bit out of control and our police force had to respond accordingly," Rogers said.

Woods said the beach party he is promoting mostly involves concerts happening this weekend in the Houston area. But he is encouraging those concert-goers and other people to also head to the island and spend some cash.

"Go down to Galveston, behave, purchase some food from the restaurants," Woods said.

According to his website, as of Friday evening there was no planned beach party in a specific location or at a specific time.

Regardless, the city is keeping an eye on the situation by monitoring social media. Rogers says there will be increased police presence if necessary.