Four people were hospitalized after a short police chase ended with a crash.

A Houston police officer was patrolling an apartment complex in northwest Houston around 11 p.m. Tuesday night. Police said the complex, located on Emnora Lane at Hollister Road, is known for drugs, gun violence and gang activity.

The officer spotted four people standing in a parking lot, and noticed that they all appeared to be wearing a known gang color.

When the officer approached the suspects, they took off in their car. After four blocks, the driver tried to turn onto Emnora but lost control. 

Officials said the car slammed head on into a tree that was on the side of the road.

The man who was driving was critically injured in the crash. Officials were unsure if he would survive.

The passengers -- two other men and one woman -- were also taken to the hospital.

Houston police found a gun that fell out of the car, as well as drugs that one of the passengers was carrying.

Officials said the driver faces felony evading charges if he survives.