Firefighters battled a large fire at a recycling center Monday morning in northeast Harris County.

The blaze broke out at around 9 a.m. at a Global Waste Services building on East Mount Houston near the Eastex Freeway. The fire went to 2 alarms. Investigators tell us there was a man on a tractor moving recycled cardboard and plastics back and forth and that the tractor may have backfired and triggered the blaze.

Flames were shooting several feet into the air. The majority of the fire has been put out and firefighters are going to let things take its course. However, it is still smoldering.

The fire is under investigation.

There were no reports of injuries. No neighboring areas or no homes are at risk of being burned or burned at all because of this fire because it is so far back and it's not a residential area.

East Mount Houston Road is completely shut down because of the investigation.