SPRING, Texas -

Fire investigators said several homes burned Sunday night and Monday morning in north Harris County.

A woman named Gloria says a heroic neighbor woke her up early Monday morning and told her her Toyota Rav 4 was on fire on Cimber Lane in the Birnam Woods Subdivision.

Gloria and her three kids escaped their home that sat only feet away from the burning car.

"First thought was my kids. I saw it on fire...the gas area on fire so I took them outside to the backyard," Gloria said.

Gloria was not alone. Fire investigators said more cars were torched one street over on Harper Gate. The owner said three cars burned in his driveway alone.

"My mom woke us all up "My mom woke my dad up and my dad went around the house waking everybody up."

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's office says it has increased patrols in the area as deputies try to find who set the cars on fire.