ATHENS, Texas -

A large fire at an East Texas fertilizer facility Thursday forced evacuations in the town of Athens.

Authorities in Athens, which is about 70 miles southeast of Dallas, evacuated everyone within five blocks of the East Texas Ag Supply facility after it caught fire.

The fire started about 6 p.m. Thursday, but as of late Thursday had mostly burned itself out.

At the height of the fire flames as high as 60 feet were seen shooting in the air.

It's still unclear how much ammonium nitrate the fertilizer facility housed. 

Ammonium nitrate is the same hazardous chemical that sparked the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, last year.

That fire and explosion in April 2013 killed 15 people and injured hundreds more.

There's no word yet on what started the fire in Athens Thursday but no injuries have been reported.

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