From the wilderness, to open areas, parks and now in their neighborhoods -- feral hogs are driving a group of Kingwood residents mad. Hard to deter and hard to trap, the hogs have encroached upon several neighborhoods in the area, destroying lawns and striking fear.

About 50 people showed up at the Kingwood Service Association's meeting to voice their concerns. Residents told Local 2 that's more than double the average attendance.

Marie Camarata was one of the attendees, who recounted several encounters she's had with the wild animals.

"Most recently, the Monday before last I saw a family of six in front of our neighborhood, just tearing up the entrance," said Camarata.

Ed Futterer has had his own problems. The animals have become such a nuisance, he set up a motion-sensor wildlife camera to catch them in the act. His camera captured a pack of seven feral hogs making themselves at home in Futterer's front yard, and they've left plenty of damage on about five separate visits.

"They have destroyed a good part of my lawn, probably about 25 by 25 feet, something like that. It's totally destroyed," said Futterer.

People in Kingwood fear the packs will increase in size and eventually become aggressive toward the many families who enjoy the parks and jogging trails.

"Small children could be knocked over by these hogs if they confront the hog accidentally," said Futterer. "It's much more than simply damage to yards."