HUMBLE, Texas -

It may look like a typical home from the outside, but DEA agents say on the inside of a Humble house they found everything from bricks of cocaine to automatic weapons.

Neighbors in the area tell us this whole thing makes them worried about their kids and grandkids.

The bust happened Wednesday night after agents with the DEA served a search warrant on the house on Elmtex and Oak Village . The street quickly filled with police.

"We saw them going back and forth and the lights were all over the street, everybody was told to stay in the house," said neighbor Patricia McIntosh.

Agents thoroughly searched the home, even breaking through some of the walls to find the dope. A DEA agent told Local 2 sometimes this is what is required because drug dealers often hide money or drugs inside a home's walls.

A bust on their street had neighbors concerned.

"My kids were in the house. I put them in a different room away from the windows. You never know what can happen," said McIntosh.

Investigators found 32 kilos of cocaine inside -- that's equivalent to about 32 mason's bricks -- and 14 weapons, including a high-powered rifle. Police arrested two people near the house after they drove away.

Neighbors tell us law enforcement searched a vehicle, breaking into the back of it.

"Yea I worry about my grandkids," said neighbor Maria Grace-Flores.

She met her loved ones as they got off the bus near their home. She was too worried to let them walk near the house police raided.

The people arrested will likely face federal charges. Authorities also revealed that several suspects were detained at another location.