A father getting ready to take his kids to school was attacked when a group of masked gunmen barged into his northeast Houston home.

Harris County deputies say it was just before 8 a.m. Wednesday when the men stormed into the home on Cicada Lane and demanded cash.

Investigators say the father of two young children was loading up his kids in the car to head off to school when the four men pointed guns at them and demanded the homeowner's wallet.

Neighbors in the area told Local 2 they are worried that this happened in their community, especially knowing the suspects got away.  

"It's hard when you have a gun pointed at you," said Gricelda Montoya. "You have no choice, I mean it's either the material stuff or your family."

The father and two kids were not hurt during the attack. 

Deputies are still trying to figure out if the home was targeted or if this was a random attack.