A family stricken with grief spoke out after a 15-year-old girl was brutally murdered in what's been described as a satanic killing case.

The family of 15-year-old Corriann Cervantes gathered across the street from the Harris County Criminal Justice Center on Friday, the courthouse where they hope to find justice in her case.  Her family brought pictures of the tenth grader who they said always liked to take pictures herself.

"She wanted to go out and we told her to come back home. Make sure she came back home and she never came back," said her father, Cory Cervantes.

He told reporters that he last saw his daughter on Tuesday, Feb. 4, and said he filed a missing person's report a day later.

On Friday, her family said it got official notification from the medical examiner that Corriann's body had been positively identified. Corriann's family said visual identification was difficult because of the brutality of the crime.

Her aunt, Catera Cervantes, said, "Even if we were to describe how the family feels, it's never...there's no right words to ever describe how we feel."

Jose Reyes, 17, is charged with capital murder. Prosecutors said he admitted to sexually assaulting and killing Corriann during a satanic ritual. Prosecutors said he admitted to the crime with the help of a 16 year old.

Corriann's mutilated body was left in an abandoned apartment about a block from her home.

Her family did not talk about the accused, but her aunt Michelle Abernathy said, "Corriann was full of life. And light. And the sweetest person. All of Cory's kids are just angels. What happened to her was evil. It wasn't just the boys doing this. It was demonic codes working through her."

The family has not yet made funeral arrangements. Her dad said Corriann was born in San Jose, Calif., and had lived in the Clear Lake area for about five years.