A disturbing arrest and even more disturbing allegations. A mother says her 10-year-old daughter was put in handcuffs and locked up after being accused of sexually assaulting a younger child.

We won't identify her because she's 10, but in the eyes of the law she is also a suspect, charged and jailed for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old boy, says her family.

"This baby was put in handcuffs for what? Horseplay. The criminal justice system has gone too far with criminalizing poor people's children because they can't fight back," said community activist Quanell X.

The alleged incident happened at a southwest Houston apartment complex in April. And just last week the family says HPD investigators arrested the 10-year-old and locked her up in juvenile detention for four days.

The little girl was hysterical and all of it over a misunderstanding and overzealous investigators claims mom.

"The thing of it was they wouldn't let me stand there and comfort her to calm her down. They told me I had to leave her there," she said. "She's only 10. She's my baby."

HPD says they cannot discuss any cases involving juveniles or alleged sexual assaults.

That little girl will have her day in court in about two weeks.