The state has chosen to house violent sexual predators in the Houston area and people in one neighborhood are just finding out.

A home on Houston's northwest side is housing more than 29 convicted violent sex offenders, men so dangerous they are still under state control, ever after being released from prison.

The state put them in the home in Houston's Acres Homes neighborhood at the end of February and residents just found out about it.

Men who have been moved by the state of Texas into the home are not just regular sex offenders, but high risk. They are violent offenders convicted of raping women, children and senior citizens.

"I have three grandchildren. They play in the yard. That is less than 100 feet from where they play. I worry about my life and my grandkids," said neighbor Joyce Collins.

Joycelynn Williams worries about the two men she encountered and met outside her home. She said one touched himself inappropriately in front of her.

“He kept yelling and everything, ‘Come here,’ I had my headset in but I put them on mute. He kept saying ‘Come here.’ I was like I'm gonna act like I don’t hear him,” said Williams.

Sylvester Turner has been fighting to get the men taken out of the house. Turner has already succeeding in having the state disapprove this place as an approved halfway house.

Turner said the state is working to get  the men out as quickly as possible. He is hoping that will happen sometime within the next four weeks.