A local police department is sending out an alert to parents after being inundated with false 911 calls from kids.

The Cleveland Police Department says they have seen an increasing trend of kids contacting 911 with cell phones that are no longer in service. The department says usually these are old smartphones that are passed down to kids, so that they can be entertained by playing games or listening to music.

Darrel Brussard, with the Cleveland Police Department, says many times kids are unaware that they are able to contact 911 with cell phones that have been disconnected.

"Being young, they tend to want to venture out a little bit more," said Brussard, who says they still have to vet each call. "They see the 911 or push the emergency button on the phone and it prompts a call."

Cleveland police say tracking down these false calls takes time and puts a strain on dispatchers resources and could ultimately end up affecting emergency services.