Experts say the best way to get rid of hiccups is to simply hold your breath.

Dr. Bo Pichurko of Cleveland Clinic Pulmonary Medicine said, “Anything that would interrupt the normal pattern of diaphragm contraction and breathing stands a good chance of interrupting this reflex we call a hiccup.”

According to Pichurko, another efficient way to stop hiccups is to bring your knees to your chest while holding your breath, or to breathe into a paper bag.

Breathing into a paper bag prevents a person from blowing off too much carbon dioxide, which may cause some to become light headed.

There are also foods that can assist in getting rid of hiccups.

"Things that gently irritate or stimulate the food tube, the esophagus, and the lining of the stomach stand a good chance of helping us,” said Pichurko.

Biting into a lemon, or taking a spoonful of sugar and honey are foods that would help.

By stimulating the Esophagus, you “re-set” the nerve that sends the message to the brain that tells your body to hiccup, according to Pichurko.

It explains why drinking ice water often works well.

Dr. Pichurko also says that distraction also works well, scaring someone can be effective or simply distracting yourself by naming all of the U.S. presidents.