An employee who worked for a home builder wrote a company check to buy herself a brand new car valued at $90,000, according to Houston police.

Ciody Reyes Carrasco, 23, was charged with aggregate theft.

An executive at Savannah Home Builders received an email from a bank verifying a transaction to Global Motorcars of Houston for $50,000. That payment was not authorized and Carrasco never had authority to make those decisions, the executive said.

When Carrasco was confronted with the evidence, she allegedly ran out of the business, hopped into a 2014 black Nissan GTR and sped off, almost hitting the executive in the parking lot.

The executive contacted the car company and discovered Carrasco had written a company check on June 17 for $50,000 to purchase the Nissan, which was valued at $90,000. The dealership said Carrasco allegedly told them she would pay the remaining balance with two more company checks later in the week.

It was then discovered that three checks were missing from a locked area, which Carrasco did not have permission to access. Carrasco also was never authorized to use any company money, investigators learned.

A photo of the Nissan in front of Carrasco's residence was posted on her Facebook page. Investigators said Carrasco had been involved in a similar crime where a vehicle was stolen and a photograph of it was also posted on her Facebook page.

The manager of Global Motorcars of Houston contacted Carrasco, who agreed to bring the car back to the dealership.

A warrant was issued for her arrest.

Court records show Carrasco was out on bond on another theft charge. In that case, she is accused of stealing a car from Southwest Infiniti.

Court documents state she was a temporary worker at the dealership when the incident happened.

Carrasco claimed an employee let her borrow the car. She stopped working at the dealership on Jan. 8, 2014, and the car was discovered missing during an inventory check the next month.

Police say they found a picture of the same-colored car on Carrasco's Facebook page. The vehicle was valued at more than $40,000.