Edna Gregg, 77, took her jewelry and rare coins out of her safety deposit box at a Pasadena Chase Bank.

She planned to get everything appraised in case she needed money for her medical bills.

Gregg placed the valuables in a plain paper grocery bag thinking that was the best way to avoid drawing attention as she left the bank.

“I put the bag in my truck behind the driver's seat on the floor board,” said Gregg.

Gregg stopped at a Whataburger restaurant on the way home to pick up lunch.

Investigators believe thieves had been closely watching Gregg since she left the bank.

Gregg came out of the restaurant to find her truck window busted and her valuables missing.

“I was in shock because I went to hit my key to unlock the door and I saw glass all over everywhere,” Gregg said.

Gregg said the jewelry and rare coins were worth a lot of money and were basically her life savings.

“Thousands and thousands of dollars,” said Gregg. “One coin might have been worth several thousand.”

Gregg realized the deed to her house, birth certificate and social security card had also been inside the stolen bag.

Gregg says she isn't sure how she will move on.

“I'm scared to go anywhere and I'm afraid of identity theft,” said Gregg. “It just crushed me.”

Gregg is hoping others can learn to protect themselves after hearing about this crime.