The verdict is guilty for a young woman who struck and killed a Harris County detention officer three years ago.

After two weeks in trial, the jury found Michelle Arnold guilty on Friday of intoxication manslaughter. The same jury will now decide if she'll go to prison.

Gregory Hundl, 25, likely never knew what hit him. He'd just finished working the nightshift at the Harris County Jail and was headed home.

As Hundl sat on his motorcycle waiting for a light to change at the intersection of Aldine-Bender Road and the Highway 59 feeder road, a car hit him from behind, throwing him more than 100 feet.

Authorities said the driver of that car was Arnold.

"That hole in my heart will never close at all, ever," said Sandy Hundl, Gregory's mother.

For the last two weeks, Sandy has been sitting in on testimony.

Witnesses detailed how Arnold had been drinking that night with friends, but was alone when she exited Highway 59 and slammed into Hundl (pictured, below) just after 6 a.m.

Officials said Arnold's blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit.

The jury began deliberating Thursday afternoon. They came back Friday morning with a verdict of guilty.

"The worst thing was when I buried my son, but this holds a close second," said Sandy. "It's almost like a relief that this part is over with."

The jury immediately began hearing witnesses in the punishment phase of the trial. Arnold could get up to 20 years in prison. Testimony resumes Monday.