Sputtering engines that sound like they're on their last leg and vehicles that need the assistance of a tow truck. That's the situation for several local car owners who unknowingly filled their gas tanks with bad gas.

"I had to push my car home," said driver Barbara White.

"My car just started losing pressure and it stopped," said Christine Jones, "and then I got right here to the light and when I had to stop it, it just shut off. "

The problems occurred after they put in gas at the Fuel Depot station in southwest Houston at Main and Fondren. The pumps were out of service Friday afternoon, but not before nearly 10 people had major car trouble because the gas was mixed with water.

The station manager and the foreman of a construction crew on site say an old, underground gas tank allowed water from the recent rain to seep into the pumps.

Ironically the crew was there to replace the tank, but that's not much solace for drivers who have some hefty repairs to pay for.

"It's very inconvenient," said Jones. "I don't even live around here, and I have to go to work tonight. I don't have a second car."

The station manager told Local 2 that if a driver can produce a receipt to show they bought gas during the time the pumps were affected, then he will pay for their repairs in full at the mechanics shop his station normally does business with.

If any driver wants to file a complaint, they can contact the Weights and Measures Program at the Texas Department of Agriculture.