It happens to all of us as we get a little older. Our metabolism slows down, and it gets harder and harder to burn calories and fat.

But Dr. Oz is sharing four new ways to rev up your fat burning engines. The first big tip? Branch chain amino acids. They are found in powder form and stimulate the building of protein in muscle. Athletes take them to improve exercise performance.

"Protein powders, [...] especially taken at breakfast, can be helpful. They're also wonderful because they can satiate you so you won't be over hungry for the rest of the day," said Dr. Oz.

The next step to boosting your metabolism -- Greek yogurt with a twist.

"If you take Greek yogurt, which has natural calcium in it, and you combine it with vitamin C [or] put a lemon in your Greek yogurt, it tastes like key lime pie," Dr. Oz said. "You'll get the ability of the body to absorb more calcium and be able to burn off more calories more efficiently."

Next, add a cup of sage tea leaf to your morning routine. It helps regulate your metabolism throughout the day.

And finally, throw in what Dr. Oz calls a sugar eraser:

"White bean extract is a sugar eraser. It's very effective."

So if you're craving that doughnut, go ahead and have it, then let the white bean extract go to work.

"Let's say you have a doughnut.  If you want to block that sugar from getting into your body and [turning] into fat on your thighs, you want to take a sugar eraser," said Dr. Oz. "And white bean extract is one of the best ones out there from my perspective."

According to Dr. Oz, you can make all of these part of your day, and it won't cost you a lot of money.