An organization that caters to Houstonians with Down syndrome and their families was targeted by thieves.

"It was sad. It was chaotic. It was trashed pretty much," said Alejandra Lima, the center's executive director.

When her staff came to work Wednesday morning, they found computers in a trash can and two large flat-screen TVs badly damaged. Two smart TVs, 12 mini-computers and three monitors were missing.

About $10,000 worth of electronics, gone.

"It kind of felt the same way when I was given the diagnosis that my son had Down syndrome. It's like a tightening of my chest," Lima said.

The items that were stolen overnight had been donated, some as recently as last week, and were used as teaching tools.

"It's not just a TV in a room. It's part of what they need for their skills to be built on," Lima said.

Police say there were no signs of forced entry, no smashed windows and the lock on the door hadn't been messed with.

It's a mystery how they got in and there are very few clues.

"We'll just have to clean up, face up and keep smiling. Someday you'll get caught. One day. It's a matter of time," Lima said.