The days of the mailman delivering your mail right to your doorstep may soon be over. Legislators in Washington, D.C. have written a bill that, if passed, would require homeowners to move their mailboxes to the curb.

New subdivisions would have to install cluster mailboxes. The proposals are part of the Postal Reform Act of 2013 written by California Congressman Darrell Issa.

H.R. 2748 will be introduced to the House Oversight and Government Committee on Thursday, where it is expected to pass. It would then have to pass the House and Senate.

The act is intended to save the struggling postal service by cutting expenses. It costs $353 per stop for a delivery in most American cities, taking into account such things as salaries and cost of transport. By contrast, curbside mail box delivery costs $224, while cluster boxes cost $160, according to a report from the Postal Service's Office of Inspector General.

Westside homeowner Mayra Paredes says it might save the postal service money, but it will cost her to conform to the new requirements if the bill passes.

"It's gonna cost every homeowner just to relocate and put in the place that the postal service will be required," she said.

About 35 million Americans like Paredes get mail delivered to their doorstep; but not everyone is as passionate about the issue.

"It wouldn't be that big of a deal," another Houstonian told Local 2.

While they're not required, most people have grown accustomed to the cluster boxes.

On KPRC Local 2's Facebook page Richelle Adkins wrote "More secure that way anyway." Kyle Thornton posted, "Won't be long till they make everyone get PO boxes."

The plan also includes the end of Saturday delivery of letters. You will still get packages and the post offices open on Saturday now would remain open on Saturdays.

There is a hardship exemption built into the plan that would allow the postal service to maintain door delivery for customers with a need. Others who just want it could pay a small annual fee for the service.