Kathy Curtis, her 7 children and two grandchildren woke up Tuesday morning to a frigid home because their furnace hasn't been working.

To heat things up, Curtis, 39, turned on one of the burners on the kitchen stove and that was a critical mistake because 15 minutes later, the house was on fire.

With flames shattering the windows and shooting through the roof, Curtis managed to get all of her children out safely, but everything else was incinerated.

With just two weeks to Christmas, the family now has nothing, but help is on the way.

Administrators within the Klien ISD school system are organizing a donation drive to collect christmas presents, clothing, and furniture to try to give Curtis and her kids their Christmas back.

Klien ISD is asking for your help in restoring Christmas for the Curtis'. Patricia Benevides and her kids are donating new clothing.

The district is looking for donations of gift cards, children's clothing, new and used furniture and children's Christmas gifts.

To donate, call 832-484-5838 or you can drop your donations off at Epps Island Elementary at 7403 Smiling Wood Lane in Houston.