You favorite fast food spot may have a secret list of favorite foods that they know about behind the counter, but they almost never appear on the menu.

Tony Brueski with Newtastetoday.com spoke with Local 2 via Skype about these secrets; the information traded by consumers.

Some fan favorites can only be found on the internet. For example, Taco Bell serves the Enchirito, an enchilada that's stuffed with beef, beans and cheese. It's not on the menu, but food gurus online know all about it.

Burger King insiders know about two options you also can't find on any menu, the Suicide Burger; four beef patties stacked high. The Rodeo Burger,a cheeseburger with barbecue sauce and onion rings.

Even McDonald's has a few secrets. The biggest secret is the Mc 10:35, a combination of a McDouble and an egg McMuffin. Online, the McDonald's burger buzz is all about the McGangBang, a combination of burger and a chicken sandwich.

Darren Tistano, with Food Research Firm Technomic, says it's all about the consumer feeling a special connection to the product, even when that product is a burger or burrito.

Other secret menu favorites are the Pizza Sub at Subway and the four beef patty grand slam at Wendys. If these secret items find a following, you man eventually see them items show up on the regular menu.