A disabled woman who was left in a car for at least five hours is on life support and in critical condition, according to authorities.

Authorities said a white van showed up at the Sean Ashley House at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. A sign in front of the building said it was a non-profit group that provides help for those with autism, blindness, mental challenges or multiple disabilities.

The family identified the victim as 56 year-old Rebecca Harkins.

Investigators said, for some reason, Harkins was left in the van for at least five hours before she was found.

Harkins is autistic and has a heart condition.

"We know the van never left," said HPD Sgt. T. Richardson. "The van was parked in the back all day, form the time they got dropped off at 9:30 to the time they were going to leave at 2:30. That’s when she was found. They had assumed that she was at a doctor's appointment which is why they had not located her earlier.

According to investigators, when one of the staff managers found Harkins, she was slumped over on the floor, unconscious inside of the van. The woman was rushed to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital. Police said she was dehydrated and unresponsive, but alive. At last check, she was on life support and in critical condition.  

CPS and the Texas Department of Aging and Disabled are also investigating.

Houston police said they will continue their investigation.