The US World Cup dream may be over, but goalie Tim Howard's performance is one that won't soon be forgotten.

Howard made 16 saves during the final game against Belgium, the most since 1966.

His performance has inspired some pretty hilarious memes, accompanied with the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave and his Wikipedia page has been changed to say United States Secretary of Defense. 

It was a monumental performance by Tim Howard!
And of course he SHOULD be the face of all American currency.
Tim Howard... America's savior. We're not surprised this is his yearbook quote. Not surprised at all. He makes it look so easy! He is a gift to America just by being born. America's hero. Blocking skills on and OFF the field. Oh, it would have been so different had Tim Howard been around. Titanic would have never... just never. He would have saved him. He would have saved our tears. And then there were Vine Videos